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Training Stage for Runners

Training Stage for Runners
· Precio: 190,00€
· Lugar: Banyoles (Ver el mapa)
· Fecha Del 17 al 19 de Abril, 2020 (Añadir al calendario)

ProAm Training organizes a training stage for Runners in a place that breathes sport and nature: Banyoles. We will also count on the presence of Marcel Zamora, who will give us the best tips and advices about how to train better and improve our sports performance.

Don’t miss it out!

Remember: Banyoles 17-19/4/2020

Sign up now! (Limited slots – we will confirm your slot on 15th December 2019)

What’s in store for you?

Friday 17/4

17.00 Arrival time and check-in

18.30 Continuous Running Session (recognition of the night circuit)

19.00 Strength Session19.30 Evening Running Session with headlamps (Running from another point ofview)

21.00 Dinner

22.00 Technical Talk about Sports Nutrition.

Saturday 18/4

8.00 Fasted Running Training (before breakfast)

10.00 Breakfast

11.00 Talk: The Runner’s Biomechanics: Running Technique Analysis.

12.00 Runner’s Specific Strength Training

14.00 Lunch

16.30 Technical Talk: Physical Conditioning for a High-Performance Athlete, byMarcel Zamora

17.30 Running Technique Training (Olot track) with Marcel Zamora

18.00 Training in Olot track with Marcel Zamora

20.00 Evening run with headlamps around Banyoles lake

21.30 Dinner

Sunday 19/4

9.00 Breakfast

10.30 Trail Run in Banyoles forests (2h) 

12.30 Assisted Stretching Session

14.00 Lunch: Farewell 


Once your slot is confirmed, you should submit a 50 % of the payment in advance(95 euros) to the bank account we will provide you. The rest of the payment should be submitted before 15 th March 2020.

What’s included?Accommodation, all meals, and all the activities described in the schedule.

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